LINE APK Download for Android

LINE APK Download for Android

LINE APK Download for Android, the LINE app is often referred to as an equally attractive WhatsApp alternative. though not as popular as the billion-dollar Facebook acquisition of the app. Convenient messaging, VoIP, and video calls via the internet are the 3 main features provided by LINE.

LINE is owned by the technology industry Naver Corporation, whose head office is located in South Korea. Whereas its management is handled specifically by a Naver branch in Japan. Until now LINE has been used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and supports various languages.

Features and Benefits of LINE for Android:

  • Chat, Voice Call, Video Call, Story, and Group
  • Stickers and Themes
  • LINE Jobs
  • LINE Shopping
  • Watch Now
  • LINE Today
  • LINE Webtoon
  • Keep
  • LINE Pay
  • LINE Taxi
  • LINE TV, and more.

LINE for Android Functions and Benefits

  • Personal and Public Communication Media
  • Entertainment and Business Media
  • Media Storage and Sharing
  • Unlimited Network of Friends

With the LINE for Android application, relatives can chat to their heart’s content without having to think about payment as long as the relatives also visit fellow LINE users. Telephone payments are only charged when relatives use LINE to make calls to landlines or cellphones.

How to register line for Android

The LINE registration process is not complicated. All it takes is an HP number. After that, you will get a free LINE account that you can edit such as adding selfie pictures as profile pictures, selecting usernames, managing contact records, and so on.

LINE for Android can also be set to automatically scan contact records on the cellphone and look for anyone who has used LINE, then make all of these users friends and relatives on LINE. Accumulation of friends can also be tried manually by entering the cellphone number into LINE.

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The condition is that friends and relatives must have a LINE account and have activated the “Allow others to add me” option. If a relative meets someone somewhere, relatives can also increase their acquaintance as a friend with the “Shake it!” feature. as well as with a QR Code.

“Shakes it!” try the method by bringing the two cellphones closer, after that, shaking the cellphone’s body to alternately add on LINE. Not only that, there is still a unique feature that allows relatives to get acquainted with all LINE users who are somewhere when relatives are outside the home, namely the “People Nearby” feature.

When activated, the feature searches for other users whose location is close to relatives so that relatives can send friend requests. Relatives will also want to make new acquaintances if the request is approved. The user profile picture displayed makes it easier for relatives to sort out who they want to meet with relatives. The position distance between relatives and each user is also listed on the screen.

LINE for Android, Well, here is our article this time, if you are interested in using this chat application. We have prepared a download link below, please use it.

Line Apk Download for Android

Line 12.18.2 (Latest Version)

Download Line Apk Old Version

Line Apk 12.4.2