RealPlayer Download for Windows 10,8,7

RealPlayer Download for Windows 10,8,7
RealPlayer Download for Windows 10,8,7

RealPlayer Download for Windows 10,8,7, RealTimes is software for smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS operating systems developed by RealNetworks, Inc. company engaged in the development and provision of software-based in Seattle, Washington, United States.

This company also provides online entertainment and mobile entertainment services, general services provided are subscription-based, which means that users need to register an account first to be able to use their services.


Likewise, with RealTimes, users are required to log in with a RealCloud account or Facebook account, for users who do not have a RealCloud account they can register a valid email address to create a new account or register their Facebook account to be integrated as a RealCloud account. You will be asked to create a new password if you register a RealCloud account with an email address.

  1. RealCloud provides 5 GB of free space for auto-backup

    By registering a RealCloud account on RealTimes software and activating the auto-backup service, users will get 5 GB of free space, this free space is used to store photos and video recordings which are automatically uploaded with the auto-backup feature, that way users can secure important photos and video recordings in cloud storage.

  2. Notifications directly to the user’s smartphone

    Like social networking software in general, users will get notifications when friends or family share photos or videos, so users will know what trends are happening and can quickly find out and respond if friends or family share photos or videos with users. that.

  3. Create a video story from a collection of photos and videos

    If the user has an album (photos and videos) of memories, for example, moments on birthdays, weddings, or holidays, the user can create a video story from the photos and videos in his (RealCloud) account, the process is very easy and simple. In the story feature, users can add photos and videos just by selecting them, arranging the order, adding title text, scenes, effects, and audio.

  4. Easily share video stories

    Photos and videos and video stories that are created can be shared easily via Email, message (SMS), Facebook, Twitter, or just copy the link to be shared on social networks or other websites. For the record, sharing via Email and message (SMS) means sending a URL that points to RealCloud, while sharing via Facebook and Twitter means sending an embedded link that is posted as a status.

RealPlayer Download

RealTimes can also access the user’s location (if allowed) so that every photo and video uploaded by other users in the same location will be displayed as a priority, this feature is suitable for reference by users who are looking for good spots for various activities ( photo hunting, selfie, vlog, etc.). With the various advantages it has, it is not surprising that many download this software.

RealPlayer Download for Windows 10,8,7

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