Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download for Windows

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download for WindowsSafari Browser 5.1.7 Download for Windows. Safari is a web browser developed by Apple in 2003. This app itself can only be used on the Mac operating system or other Apple devices. Safari was released for the Windows operating system in 2012 but its development was stopped.

This web browser is a free web browser for Apple device users. Safari claims that Apple’s web browser is faster and saves battery life than other web browsers.

Advantages of Safari

The following are some of the advantages of Safari that you can get:

  1. Long battery life and faster performance
    Safari uses a good JavaScript engine and battery-saving technology. Safari has 2 hours longer battery saver than other web browsers. So you can enjoy a web browser faster and longer time to surf a website.
  2. Faster than Chrome and Firefox
    You can get this advantage because, in several tests carried out, Safari is faster than its competitors. So you can get the performance of a website faster.

Safari Browser for Windows allows you to get convenient privacy and security when you are using the internet. The following technologies are used by Safari:

1. Third-party Cookie Blocking

This technology allows you to leave a third party’s website at any time without leaving a cookie or trace. Thus making the privacy of your PC information safe and will not be exposed to certain advertising targets.

2. Private browsing window

You can enjoy this private browsing window so Safari Browser doesn’t save browsing data. So the website you visit does not store cookies and will prevent the website you are logging in to from tracking your information.

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3. Sandboxing for websites

Sandboxing provides you with integrated protection against malicious code and malware. So you can safely while browsing and there is no damage or illegal access to your data.

4. Protection from dangerous sites

Safari will prevent or warn you if you access a website that is dangerous and also has a virus.

5. Built-in tools for a better browsing

You can use the built-in tools of the Safari Browser such as:

    • Keeps you from visiting the websites you visit frequently.
    • You can play videos on your Apple TV using Safari.
    • You can view video windows from other sites in a small size while you are browsing other websites.
    • Safari will suggest a site when you write down what you want to search for.
    • You can use this feature to share something you’ve seen in Safari.
    • Easily open documents in the Safari Web Browser.

Safari Browser for Windows

In addition to the features described above, there is also a feature called Apple Pay. This feature is useful when you are shopping for something online.

You can use Apple Pay for your convenience and security. This feature provides layered verification to safeguard your transactions. By syncing your apple device with the Safari Browser. You can browse the history, bookmarks, and even passwords on each of your Apple Devices.

The developer states that there is no update for the Windows desktop version. Safari version 5.1.7 is the last one and if you still want to use it please press the download button.

Safari Browser 5.1.7 Download for Windows